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How Can Our Attorneys Help You?

The attorneys at Winder & Counsel, P.C. are experienced in a variety of practice areas that complement and support one another. Let us use our knowledge and skill to help you get a positive outcome in your case.

Commercial and Business Litigation

When companies face external disputes, the stakes are high. Not only must business owners work to protect the business itself, but they also must look out for the best interests of their employees and customers. With so much riding on the success of your company, it is often best to face these disputes head on.

Our commercial litigation law firm can help your business get the legal traction it needs to put an end to the dispute at hand through litigation or resolution. We have represented many companies in high stakes litigation.

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Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Partnership Law

The choices you make at the birth of your company can help shape its course as either a successful entity. A corporation, limited liability company and partnership attorney can help guide your business through the early stages of entity formation, or assist an existing business looking for a fresh start. If you are looking to start or transform your business, contact Winder & Counsel today. We have formed and revitalized numerous businesses in all types of industries.

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Commercial and Contract Law

Contracts are the foundation on which successful businesses and careers are built. While contracts at first glance may seem like an overwhelming collection of dos, don’ts, and what-ifs, these important documents protect companies and individuals from all manners of disputes. For 25 years, our attorneys have represented Larry H. Miller in his numerous transactions, from the acquisition of the Utah Jazz, the constructing of the Delta Center (now the Energy Solutions Arena) and the acquisition of K Jazz Television, as well as numerous car dealerships and business.

If you are interested in strengthening you or your company’s internal and external contracts, keep reading here.

Insurance, Title Insurance and Insurance Defense

Insurance companies are responsible for covering your back when you are involved in an accident or experience property damage or loss, but sometimes, insurers need coverage of their own. Policy coverage disputes and liability can often tie up an insurance company’s resources as it works to defend their own insureds, and sort out coverage uncertainties as early as possible with an insurance defense attorney.

From the representation of insureds through coverage disputes to defense against bad faith claims, Winder & Counsel can represent your company in any manner of legal issues, working hard to keep your costs low and your results positive.

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Real Estate Law

As many people can attest, Utah has become a go-to spot for families and businesses alike. From friendly people to beautiful scenery, Salt Lake City is a great place to work, play, and thrive. Real estate professionals across the State are taking advantage of the growing demand for homes, industrial, and retail space. As demand continues to rise, many of these businesses are learning the importance of having the law on their side when it comes to property acquisition.

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Product Liability

As a consumer in our country, you have the right to assume that the products you buy are safe. When products are sold and mass produced, they should go through several levels of testing and inspection to guarantee quality and safety. If a company fails to protect your from or warn you of possible danger from using its product, you may be able to hold it liable for its defective or dangerous product. We have helped individuals recover millions of dollars in such cases.

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Trademark, Copyrights, and Intellectual Property

Our Country constantly discusses the need to creative entrepreneurs and innovative products and designs. Unfortunately, the creative process is often muddled with legal obstacles that must be overcome in order to protect your intellectual property from being used and marketed by others. Obtaining a trademark or copyright registration can be very challenging, but the copyright and trademark attorneys at Winder & Counsel can help. We have a leading case published protecting the rights of Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Federal District Court.

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Auto Accidents

Car accidents not only cause property damage, injuries, or even death—they also leave victims hurting financially as they miss work and collect medical bills. If you have been injured as the result of another driver’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your damages and suffering. After your car accident, call Winder & Counsel for the results oriented representation that you deserve.

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The government has the ability to take your private property. Eminent domain allows the seizure of private property for public use as long as the government provides the property owner with just compensation and due process. To protect your rights during condemnation proceedings, seek the advice of Winder & Counsel’s experienced condemnation and eminent domain attorneys. Our attorneys have been involved in many condemnation cases, including the largest in the state, the Condemnation of Antelope Island.

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Constitutional Law

Winder & Counsel’s constitutional rights attorneys represent people whose constitutional rights have been violated. The government is bound by the Constitution to respect specific rights and to conduct itself in a manner that guarantees equal and free treatment under the law. When your constitutional rights have been violated, contact Winder & Counsel to seek the justice you deserve.

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Construction Law

Construction and design firms across the State are taking advantage of the growing demand for homes, industrial, and retail space. As demand continues to rise, many of these businesses are learning the importance of having the law on their side when it comes to property development and construction details.

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Environmental Law

Environmental law is a complex body of regulations and safeguards meant to protect and conserve our precious natural resources and environment while also encouraging responsible economic growth and industrial progress. When the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Environmental Quality sought to hold major oil companies accountable for violations of the Underground Storage Tank Act, they turned to Winder & Counsel for representation. Whether you are a business manager looking to stay compliant or a private citizen that has been harmed by a negligent company, Winder & Counsel’s environmental law attorneys can help protect your rights.

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General Accidents and Injuries

Each day, you trust the people and businesses you interact with to act with reasonable care and caution to prevent injuries to yourself and others. When these parties fail to uphold those standards and you are injured as a result, you deserve financial compensation for your damages and suffering. Keep reading to learn how Winder & Counsel can get you the justice you deserve.

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Professional Malpractice

When you place your faith in the hands of a highly skilled professional, you have a right to expect that he or she will act to the standards of the profession. Occasionally, doctors and lawyers fail their clients and patients by making negligent mistakes, and as a result their clients are harmed. If your trust has been breached by a doctor or lawyer and you have suffered physical or financial damages, you may have a professional malpractice claim. We have a highly skilled medical doctor, who is law trained, on staff to assist you with your case.

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Wills, Trusts and Estates

Proper estate planning is important for ensuring that your legacy is carried on according to your wishes. From planning through execution, your vision for your estate should be your own—not that of a court administrator or the state.

Plan now for peace of mind and security, and ask Winder & Counsel about their estate planning services today.

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