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Trademark, Copyrights, And Trade Secrets

Protecting Your Rights After the Creation of Your Newest Business, Product, or Service

Whether you are launching a new business or have just penned the next great epic novel, your ideas are not safe as your own until you legally declare them so. Obtaining trademarks and copyrights for your intellectual property can feel like unnecessary red tape. After all, you are the sole creator, so should that not grant you the legal rights on that creation or name? Intellectual property laws are actually meant to assist innovators protect their newest work or business

Intellectual property law protects your rights as a generator of new products, services, trade secrets and creative works. It is meant to help you monetize your creations and ideas, and prevent others from capitalizing on your hard work without your express permission. If you have created a new business or product, or your existing business has developed a new service or product, an intellectual property attorney can help turn your ideas into secure, protected property that is legally your own.

Copyright Protection: What Is it For, and What Does it Do?

Copyright is meant to protect expressive works in a tangible form. This means that recorded or written music, theatrical or film works, photographs, videos, novels, and other creative materials are eligible to be copyrighted.

As the owner of a copyright, you are granted exclusive rights to your work. If your creation is copyrighted, others cannot do the following without your authorization:

  • Display or perform your work
  • Distribute copies or recordings of your work to the public
  • Reproduce your work
  • Create work derived from your own work

Trademarks: Protecting Your Products and Services

If you have a product or service that is already in use—or in the all-important planning stages—you need to protect your rights to those marks and prevent other companies from “stealing” them away. Registered trademarks are not a requirement, but having yours registered can benefit you and your company by offering clear protection of your trademark and its use.

Let the world know that your hard-earned work is yours, and yours alone with a trademark or registered trademark.

What a Trademark and Copyright Attorney Can Do for You

Whether you are in the early planning stages or have already put your business or product into the stream of commerce, the trademark and copyright attorneys at Winder & Counsel can help you throughout the process of researching and registering your mark.

There are numerous conflicts and challenges involved when using a trademark, and it is always best to address these prior to investing too much time and money. From other companies already using similar marks to assistance with the application process, Winder & Counsel can help make your ideas and businesses a protected reality.

Our country is home to some of the most artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial spirits in the world, our own intellectual property attorneys want to make this country a place where creativity can be encouraged and monetize. If you are interested in protecting your own intellectual property, contact Winder & Counsel today at 801-322-2222.

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