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Insurance Defense Law Firm: Protecting Insurers and Insured for Over Thirty Years

Insurance companies are in the business of cushioning their clients against risk. Unfortunately, this business is tough enough on its own, without the company finding itself tangled up in legal messes involving its own insureds. When this occurs, no one benefits—that is why it is so important for insurance companies to have an advocate of their own to prevent and address issues that detract from their true mission.

As insurance defense attorneys, Winder & Counsel can help insurance companies address disputes in the most fiscally responsible and effective method possible, either through a declaratory judgment, arbitration, or litigation. Whether your insurance company needs an attorney to defend one of it’s insured in a case of negligence, or you need defense of your own against bad faith claims, coverage disputes, or liability issues, Winder & Counsel offers solid, time-tested representation.

Defense of the Insured

Many policies contain verbiage that offers the insured defense if they are found liable in a personal injury or auto claim. Despite what the facts of the accident may show, many juries often sympathize with the injured party. Our firm is able to craft solid, evidence-based defense in order to ensure that a fair judgment is reached. If it is in your client’s best interest to settle, we will work hard to secure a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

Our insurance defense attorneys can also protect your insureds from invalid claims and unreasonable settlements in any number of insurance claim issues, including:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Homeowner’s Policy Claims
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Title Insurance Coverage

Insurance Defense Against Coverage Disputes and Bad Faith Accusations

As you well know, the business of insurance is often fraught with the constant struggle to balance client wants and coverage realities. After an incident or accident, many clients simply cannot understand that their policy never covered them for that particular event.

While most of these clients simply want to fix their problem and do not want additional trouble, many insurance companies enlist our services to seek a declaratory judgment from the court to clarify policy coverage. Not only will this declaratory judgment protect your company from the client in questions, but it can also prevent issues arising from similar cases in the future.

When an honest insurance company denies a claim or awards a smaller settlement than expected, insureds may feel as though they have been wronged. Despite a claim denial or payment amount being based on policy coverage limits, many clients may feel as though the company acted in bad faith and file a claim. Protect your business by hiring an insurance defense lawyer who knows the industry and has a defense record.

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If your insurance company is searching for effective, representation in any number of insurance issues, Utah’s Winder & Counsel can help. Contact our offices today to speak with our experienced insurance defense lawyers at 801-322-2222.

The following is a list of insurance companies we have represented:

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