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Our Medical Expertise

Our Medical Expertise

Serious injury and death cases require the utmost in attorney skill and experience. But that’s just half of the equation. Catastrophic cases from an accident or medical malpractice (such as brain injury, birth trauma, paralysis, disfigurement, severe burns, or wrongful death) require medical expertise, too.

These cases demand, from beginning to end, an expert to oversee the complex medical issues that are so important. So, unlike other firms, we have an attorney who is also a clinically experienced doctor (a former head of a hospital emergency room) as a member of our team.

Dr. Rothfeder works closely with our clients and other attorneys, from the initial interview through settlement or trial, overseeing medical issues, advising on strategy, and recruiting top-notch medical experts critical to an excellent outcome.


Our of counsel attorney and medical consultant, Robert K. Rothfeder, M.D., J.D., was formerly the Emergency Department Director at Lakeview Hospital, in Bountiful, Utah, for 17 years.

Spending time in the emergency room, Dr. Rothfeder encountered a myriad of medical issues. At Lakeview, he was truly a doctor’s doctor. Dr. Rothfeder was educated at the University of Minnesota Medical School and trained in emergency medicine at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Rothfeder has been in clinical practice for the past 28 years, and he continues to this day. In the early 1980s, Dr. Rothfeder developed an interest in the legal system and obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Utah College of Law in 1984.

Today, Dr. Rothfeder partners with our firm’s top-rated attorneys, assisting with complex medical and legal issues.


Other law firms, by contrast, constantly struggle to understand the complex medical issues in cases. They also struggle to find a doctor to consult on your case.

Our medically trained and practicing attorneys can often evaluate the merits of a case without the need for external advice. This is cost effective, less time consuming and more effective in obtaining results.


We speak the right language. Our unique medically trained attorneys are just one reason Winder & Counsel has become one of the nation’s leading firms. It’s the right place to turn for outstanding legal counsel, and a powerful medical advantage.

Winder & Counsel has one of the most unique and powerful tools to handle complex medical and health litigation matters. Complex medical and health matters require, from beginning to end, the expertise of medical and legally trained professionals who understand the implications that can make or break your case. Winder & Counsel currently has two medically trained attorneys with direct experience in the medical industry.


Contrary to popular belief, not every lawyer has courtroom experience. Most lawyers, in fact, rarely step into a courtroom and few have ever tried a case to a jury. Those who have been successful in court are more discerning in the cases they will accept, have more clout in negotiations and have more credibility with judges, opponents and decision makers.

Few attorneys anywhere can match our expertise with matters involving serious and complex medical issues. All attorneys at Winder & Counsel have an active in-court trial practice. Winder & Counsel has conducted numerous jury and bench trials to successful resolutions. We have further obtained successful results in arbitration.


Appearing in court and actually trying cases has also taught us a lot about jurors. We’ve learned that jurors can be quickly bored with legal arguments and hopelessly confused about injuries, medicine and medical issues.

We’ve learned to captivate the attention and concern of juries. We explain the medical issues to them in a plain language and demonstrate the issues in a straightforward manner.

We’ve learned not only to build powerful cases and to always arrive exceedingly well prepared, but also to present the cases in a clear, compelling manner. Because, ultimately what matters most isn’t what an expert says, it’s what jurors comprehend and believe.

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