Safeguard Your Business From Antitrust and Trade Regulation Threats From The Government and Competitors with Winder & Counsel

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Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Safeguard Your Business From Antitrust and Trade Regulation Threats From The Government and Competitors with Winder & Counsel

As the economy in the United States and across the globe strengthens, businesses of all sizes and forms are facing intense scrutiny from their competitors, as well as from government agencies to “play fair” via antitrust and trade regulations. On both federal and state levels, businesses are being carefully monitored to ensure their practices are operating in a way that promotes fair competition.

The umbrella under which antitrust and trade regulations is sheltered is that of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These agencies investigate and enforce matters falling under the Sherman Act and Clayton Act, which prohibit monopolies and restrict certain business practices that threaten fair competition.

While these rules seem like they would only affect multinational megacorporations, businesses often find themselves under the watchful eyes of the DOJ and FTC as they pursue mergers, acquisitions, and franchise options. As businesses thrive and grow, competitors often grow concerned, and push for investigations and complaints into unfair competition practices.

Whether your business is under pressure from competitors or federal agencies or you are a business whose competitors are unfairly manipulating the playing field, Winder & Counsel’s antitrust and trade regulation lawyers can help you protect your company.

Antitrust Legal Services: Proactive Protection and Defense

Our firm can help you protect your business from potential investigation and litigation by offering preventative measures—such as careful review and analysis of your current business procedures—to ensure you are currently in compliance with all federal and state antitrust laws.

As you prepare for a merger or business acquisition, having everything lined up from a trade and competition standpoint is even more crucial. Winder & Counsel can assist you in carefully analyzing your merger to ensure that all potential risks are mitigated to avoid undue action from the DOJ or FTC.

Trade Regulation and Litigation

Our firm’s trade regulation services also include proactive prevention measures to ensure that your business is following both industry and federal standards. We assist companies in a variety of industries as they navigate compliance and regulation issues in:

  • Franchising efforts
  • Advertising and labeling
  • Pricing
  • Industry-specific regulations, such as health care, automotive, and food and beverage
  • Warranty

For businesses concerned with the unfair actions of their competitors, we also assist with antitrust complaints and litigation to help ensure that your competitors are, indeed, competing legally.

For the Wellbeing and Safety of Your Growing Business, Call Winder & Counsel

As many areas continue to attract an influx of people and businesses, it is important that companies are proactive in protecting themselves from federal intervention, as well as their competitors. Whether your company is approaching a merger or is simply looking to stay compliant, proper trade regulation and antitrust counsel can help ensure the long-term success and stability of your business.

For more information about our full range of antitrust and trade regulation legal services, contact our office today at 801-322-2222.

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